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Clean Office Carpets

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How to Clean Office Carpets

Clean Office CarpetsThe carpets in your office need to be cleaned regularly. Normally office carpet cleaning is a much more complicated task than home carpet cleaning. It’s because the carpet are wider and dirtier. A person would be faced with a tough task if he or she doesn't know the right techniques in Commercial Carpet Cleaning.  Here are some simple ways have your office carpet cleaned, with the help of a few people, of course.Clean Office Carpets

Do the cleaning after office hours

It’s better to clean the carpet when all your fellow workers have left the office. In this way you can focus on cleaning without disturbing them. It will also avoid people distracting you when doing the cleaning. This prevents doing back jobs, too.

Use liquid solution in removing stains

You can find a number of Commercial Carpet Stain Remover products available in the market. It’s advisable that you use these kinds of solution when removing stains from the rug. Be sure that the stain remover is not acid-based since it can damage and cause discoloration of the textile.

Don’t do the cleaning alone

It’s best that you do not clean alone. It’s better to have someone assisting you in doing the Commercial Rug cleaning. Cleaning a whole roll of rug can be too heavy for one person to do. Having someone helping you with the cleaning will also speed up the task.


It’s best that you vacuum the entire area of the carpet. It’s also recommended that you use an industrial vacuum cleaner so that the machine can handle this kind of cleaning, but a consumer-grade one does fine if the area is small. When vacuuming, it’s advisable that you sweep first the dirt on the surface before vacuuming the area.  The carpet should be vacuumed at least once a week, to ensure the dust doesn't accumulate and in order to prevent further damage.

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