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Pet Stains Are Bad For You

05/14/2016 Back To Blog

If you are a pet lover, you are doomed to clean carpets for the rest of your life. That's the way it goes. Cats, dogs, birds and rabbits make top of the most common house pets list, but they come with fur and urine and even parrots will manage to make a mess on the floor if you let them fly free indoors. The point is that pets and carpets do not mix. You have to pick one over the other or will practically engage in a non-stop pet stain & odor removal task for as long as you have them at home.Pet Stains Are Bad For You

Giving up on homecarpet cleaning tasks and letting pet fur and dirt spread all over the house is not a good idea. It's not just that your house will be a mess. It will also smell really bad and your health will be at stake. You might wonderwhat the harm is when you already hug and kiss your puppy or pushy cat, but constantly breathing in an environment contaminated by pet mess will truly affect your health.

How to mix pets and carpets

Cat and dog urine has an intense smell of ammonia. That's one thing that irritates your respiratory system and might damage your lungs. You might have a burning feeling inside you or in your throat if you are exposed to large quantities of pet urine. If you have any contact with the contaminated spots, you might also notice some skin irritations. If you are under the impression that pet urine won't hurt you since it's dried out, you are mistaken. Fabrics, carpets and furniture absorb urine and can still have a terrible impact on your health. Use black light bulbs to discover the contaminated with urine areas. It will serve you as a carpet cleaning home-made CSI tool since it will make dried urine seem green.

Children are even more sensitive to pet urine. Their small bodies and weak immune systems don't allow them to fight back and they are top in the list of the most possible victims. They might have skin problems, eye irritations, feel burns or vomit. You must often use the right eco pet stain removal products to take care of urine. Since pet hair is also bad for your respiratory system, you need to vacuum carpets often and clean upholstery. Persian cats have long hair and make things worse.

Pets are lovely, but you must take care of yourself first in order to take care of them. So, take precautions. Don't mix Persian cats with Persian rugs and if you do, keep white vinegar and baking soda in the house to effectively remove odors and stains. If you don't like the task, you might want to go for a fish instead.

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