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Carpet Mold Removal and Prevention

12/16/2014 Back To Blog

Molds on carpets are not a simple problem. They are associated with carpet water damage. Solving them isn’t going to be as easy as ordinary carpet cleaning, in the same way you would do rug cleaning, for example. Mold and mildew growth and recurrence are not easy to deal with.


Carpet Mold Removal and PreventionBefore elaborating on the solutions for mold remediation and decontamination, it is worth emphasizing the need for prevention. It’s always better to avoid having the problem than having to solve it. For prevention, the most important thing to remember is to prevent moisture or water from accumulating anywhere in or near your carpets. Leaking pipes and roofs should be immediately fixed. Unreliable windows that allow water to get inside the house when it rains should also be addressed. The carpets should never be exposed to water especially for long periods of time. Additionally, if a room feels damp, it helps turning the dehumidifiers on. Moisture in the air inside a room can eventually condense if the conditions are right and drop to the floor.


If you already have the mold and mildew problem, obviously, there’s nothing much left to do other than to do mold damage cleanup and repair. If you know nothing about these, you have to rely on someone who has the expertise and right equipment and cleaning products. Solving mold problems isn’t going to be a simple task. Repetitive cleaning or chemical treatments may be needed. Ideally, you have to remove your carpet, including those adjacent ones some five feet away, and try getting rid of the molds using mold-killing cleaning agents. You may not remove the carpet off the floor but you have to make sure that you are using an effective mold removal product. Anyway, the molds may have already spread their spores inside the room so you have to make sure that the place does not become conducive to their survival.

As such, you have to keep the room dry and clean. The sources of moisture or leaks should be completely sealed. A mold killing cleaning agent may also be used on the walls of the room as well as in the air vents to make sure that spores will no longer be able to grow in another time. In cases when the mold problem keeps recurring, you may have to directly get professional mold inspection and remediation solutions. You have to take a carpet mold problem seriously.

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