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Easy to understand answers to your frequently asked questions on carpet cleaning can be found here.

Your search for the right answers to your questions on carpet cleaning is over. We provide short, yet perfectly constructed Frequently Asked Questions page for those who want to gain further knowledge about the industry. Written by the experts, you can certainly rely on our answers!

Why mold grows in carpets?

Mold is either the result of keeping carpets wet or due to extensive stains. Our experts in Alhambra insist that carpet water damage restoration is vital and must take place immediately after carpets are soaked. If they remain on the floor wet, mildew is unavoidable. High moisture areas are the perfect environments for mold growth.

What is the best way to clean my carpet?

The best way to clean carpets is to use products that are specifically formulated to clean carpets. Also, if you have the proper equipment, do not be afraid to use them for cleaning. Our experts recommend vacuuming your carpet regularly as well.

Are there differences among rugs?

There are several differences among rugs mainly in the way they're manufactured. There are machine-made and handmade ones. Persian ones are made in Iran while Oriental rugs are made in Asia. The weaving process is different. Loom woven handmade rugs are more valuable than tufted ones. Flokati ones are made by sheep wool. Some fibers are more resistant than others depending on whether they're twisted or not.

Why aren't odors removed with carpet vacuuming?

Vacuum cleaners will just remove dust and excessive dirt. They will not remove bad odors, which are caused by stains, pet urine or moisture. If the carpets smell bad, the specialists of Carpet Cleaning Alhambra suggest stain removal. Vinegar will be great for odor removal but you must also search for possible signs of moisture or mold. Mildew really stinks and you will have to remove it immediately. It's a matter of health.

How often should I clean sofas?

The frequency of sofa cleaning would depend on whether you have pets, eat, drink and sit on it daily. In this case, you must clean it at least once a week. You should vacuum under the cushions focusing on its corners, where you might find food residues. Stain removal is required at once but you can wash the slipcovers every month. If you don't have kids and pets, couch cleaning is required once every few weeks.

What are the toughest carpet-stains to clean?

Ask the carpet cleaning experts in Alhambra and they will tell you that red and other bright food coloring such as those found in Kool Aid are some of the most cumbersome stain sources for most carpets. Similarly, stains from condiments and sauces, especially those with oil and grease, tend to be very difficult to clean.

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