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Rug Cleaning

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Make your home a perfectly cozy and elegant place with our professional rug cleaning services! Regardless of how small or large your rug is, it will be cleaned perfectly with the utmost care. We have a long-term experience in the industry and keep up to date with the latest trends. This enables us to work even with the most delicate and rarest rugs used in modern homes and offices.Rug Cleaning

Experienced Rug Cleaning Experts

Even if you have the finest cotton or silk rugs, we will help. You will receive all the information you require as soon as you reach us. The first step of the job involves inspecting the rug. In most cases, there is dust and dirt built up inside the fibers and deep down into the base. Our technician will use the most effective technique and equipment for extracting each and every unwanted particle. The look and feel of the rug is perfectly restored. It will have bright colors and the softness that you dream of. Count on us for equally effective carpet cleaning. We can make all carpeted surfaces within a home or office building fresh, safe and beautiful again. Indeed, when the flooring is clean, indoor air quality is considerably improved.

There is nothing worse than having a red wine stain on a perfectly white wool rug. The good news is that our team is readily available to make the problem go away in no time! All of our cleaning products have been carefully picked for their potent yet perfectly safe action. They are eco-friendly for ensuring that our customers receive only the best. The stain will be gone in very little time. The color of the rug will be perfectly restored. The same applies to its softness.

At "Carpet Cleaning Alhambra", we are experts in removing all kinds of stains including ones that have unpleasant odors. If you have a pet used to doing its business on your rugs, let us get rid of the stains and odor for you. You should know that deodorizing will not resolve the problem. Our technician will remove the traces of the compound causing the odor and damage to the fibers. This is how your rug will get fresh natural scent and regain its strength and durability. Ask about our odor removal service anytime for more information!

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