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Why Do I Have Mold On My Carpet Or Rug

11/07/2013 Back To Blog

Quite often people define the mold and mildew like the most stubborn and the most challenging home issues. No matter how hard you fight against it and no matter how alert you try to act around this menace it always seems to find some way to crawl back into your home. The things with this modern black plague is that it can appear almost everywhere within your home, and quite often on the places where you would least expect to find it like for example on your carpets and rugs.Why Do I Have Mold On My Carpet Or Rug

Why does mold appear on carpets or rugs?

There are various ways mold gets hold of your carpets and rugs. As you know mold has a tendency to appear at all the places that are exposed to water or humidity. If you store your carpets and rugs for a while on your attic or in your basement and then decide to use the same after a while, it is highly probable these might get affected with mold if they were not properly stored. Also if you have recently suffered water damage in your home and did not proceed with proper and adequate water damage restoration, it also may happen that your carpets and rugs end up affected by mold accumulations. Also if you keep carpets and rugs in your kitchen and bathroom that are of larger dimensions and that do not get moved quite often, it is quite possible mold finds its way onto these carpets and rugs as well.

What to do?

First things you should do when you spot mold on your carpets and rugs is to call for professional carpet cleaning company and have them professional treat your carpets and rugs. You should definitely not postpone dealing with these situations since this may only worsen the things.

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